Student leadership


At Lake Clarendon State School, we believe that an effective Student Leadership Program should include a broad range of experiences for students in Years 4, 5 and 6.

Our program aims to build the understandings and skills of leadership through the curriculum and the many, varied activities of school life.  In this way students develop their individual capacity to lead and influence others in a responsible manner.

Student leadership activities link strongly with learning about citizenship and the processes involved in a democracy.  All students should learn about, and exercise, the rights and responsibilities of participating in a community that values social justice.


The Citizenship Matrix is designed to engage students in Years 4-6, encouraging, supporting and recognising their on-going efforts to achieve these goals. It is a levelled program (Four Levels) allowing students to achieve incremental goals and recognition and to understand the importance of maintaining a high standard of effort throughout their time at Lake Clarendon State School.


yellow-jigsaw.png Level 1 Yellow

This begins in Term 2, Year 4 and is working towards skills of early independence both in the classroom and the wider school community. Students have a yellow card where when they achieve the criteria on the card, their teachers sign to recognise this. When the card is completed, the student receives a badge on the following assembly.


red-jigsaw.png.jpgLevel 2 Red​

This card begins in Term 2, Year 5 and follows on from the Level 1 badge which students must have already completed. It features work on the learning goals being worked on in the classroom, high expectations for behaviour, quality work and includes a community service element. To be eligible for a leadership position in Year 6, students must have completed this card by the end of Term 4 of that year. A similar presentation process is followed for this and all badges.

blue-jigsaw.jpgLevel 3 Blue​

The card is available in Year 6 for all students who have completed their Level 2 badge and wish to develop their leadership further. It focuses on leadership and management skills and also has an extracurricular/community service element


​​​​green-jigsaw.jpgLevel 4 Blue​

This is the top level and is project based following on work in the Level 3 badge. To be eligible for the Citizenship Award presented at graduation, students must have completed this level.

Level 3 and 4 are available to Year 6 students and Level 1 and 2 will be introduced to the relevant students in the first week of Term 2. Cards may be collected from the front office or downloaded from the links on the right of this page.

Student council 

The Lake Clarendon State School Student Council is a community service group comprising 2 of the Student Leaders and one elected representative from each Year 4 to 6 class. This council is rotated every term. 


Student Council meetings are held on Thursday mornings at first break

Meetings will generally comprise: 

general issues brought from individual classes

money raising events

delegation of certain duties to individual Councillors (to be followed up at the next meeting)

notices and reminders e.g. emptying recycling bins on a weekly basis

Students Councillor leader's will take turns to record the minutes, call the roll and read back minutes from the previous meeting.

Student leadership





Last reviewed 11 May 2021
Last updated 11 May 2021